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Retaining Your Customer Base

Written by Krista Johnson -- December 6th, 2007 in Marketing

In a world that is constantly changing and developing new advances in technology, it is becoming easier to keep up with consumers’ wants and needs. Businesses now have different options to choose from when conducting their advertising and marketing strategies. These new options have opened the door for reaching out and exploring different creative outlets for retaining customer relations.

Over the past few years, new tracking and reporting technologies have been developed. These technologies assist marketers with appealing to their target audience on a broader scale. Options marketers look to in order to form their decisions include demographic statistics, psychographic tendencies, customer preferences, and how customers and content connect with each other.

As new techniques and tools are created, old techniques are used less. Old techniques, such as click-throughs and open rates, are being replaced with measures that track more detailed components. These new techniques measure which consumers are considered highly valuable to the company; which consumers respond to long-term effects of the marketing plan; interactivity between the content and the customer; as well as determining if the brand relationship is powerful or flaccid.

Moreover, there are advances with how companies distribute their marketing plans. One way this is possible is through data mining. Data mining is where the consumer is tracked throughout their purchasing cycle. There also exists software, such as database management, that allows for the storage, management, organization, and retrieval of information from within databases.

If followed correctly, these new developing techniques can be very efficient. With time, courage, and the initiative to approach marketing differently, these new paths yield success. With mass individualization on the rise, marketers are better able to reach their customers. Examples of this attainability include monitoring tools, online templates, and e-newsletters, which all make it more simple to deliver a good branding experience to the consumer.

Altogether, retaining customers and maintaining customer loyalty are major key objectives that are changing with time and technology. The main goal of customer retention may still remain the same, however, new methods and online templates are quickly making it easier and more defiant to attain this goal.