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Target Markets

Written by Krista Johnson -- January 31st, 2008 in Marketing

There are many, many different markets that exist in our world. These markets might range anywhere from economical, political, industrial, etc. Although markets vary from group to group, and interest to interest, there always remains a constant…What appeals to your target market?

So knowing this fact, what questions can we ask in order to narrow down the field?

First, we must locate and specify the geological location we are marketing towards. Once we have determined the area we wish to market to, we must then conduct research to gain general demographic information. So what are some categories marketers look into for suggestions to produce their product to their target market?

Some demographics marketers and advertisers research and consider when producing to the masses may include:

* age

* economic status

* education

* employment

* gender

* language

* location

* origin

* race

* sexual orientation

Another approach to marketing is to specify a particular group. For example, marketers have a much different approach to advertising towards children than they do towards adults. When targeting children, marketers might choose to do so with toys, games, television shows, commercials, various types of food, etc. However, when targeting adults, marketers might choose to do so with electronics, technology, sales and promotions, shopping markets and stores, different types of food and restaurants, etc.

Thoroughly, marketers are constantly looking for different suggestions and ways to produce their products to their specific target markets. Along the way to these discoveries, they rely on demographics, personal and group interests, as well as attention satisfying appeal. So the next time you are in the market to buy a product or service, remember you were personally identified for just that reason.


Blogging Rules

Written by Krista Johnson -- January 24th, 2008 in Blogroll

Why are there so many tightly woven rules when it comes to freedom of speech and the expanse of creativity? I seem to ask myself this question quite often. When sitting down to write, no matter what topic I chose to write about, it seems that I am restricted to conformity. If I ever want to satisfy my audience and gain their readership, I have to abide by this set of standards. I just don’t understand why such strictness must be followed in order to be considered a “good” blogger.

As a blog writer, I would prefer not to feel so tied down by these guidelines. When forming my thoughts and penning out blogs, I tend to get caught up in the professionalism of the blogosphere and it’s rules. I find myself nitpicking my work until I’ve dumbed it down to satisfy the expectations. I also find that I struggle with producing great and magnetic content enough times a week to draw in my audience. By having all these worries regarding the expectations of what makes a good blog, I feel that my focus is not on the right element and that my mind isn’t fully contributing to my work.

So I ask you for your advice-how do I do both?

What is a constructive way I can produce great content under these strict rules and still have the comfortability of writing with my own style?


The Comforts of Writing

Written by Krista Johnson -- January 15th, 2008 in Copywriting

As professionals in whatever field of expertise, it can often be a struggle to produce work on a constant basis. As a writer, given specific deadlines, this presents a bit of problem. Finding the right words and the right mindset can be a struggling factor writers face when dealing with busy schedules.

In order to produce great content and remain punctual, there are a few suggestions to try. Determine what time of day your mind is most ready to write and take every precaution to avoid any distractions. Possible precautions to take include turning off your cell phone, not surfing the web or playing games, shutting off the television, as well as blocking out irrelevant thoughts inside your mind.

Then, figure out what makes your mind most ready to write and surround yourself with those comforts. For some people these comforts might include relaxing in a bath, wearing comfortable clothing, writing in the comforts of ones’ own bed, listening to soothing or relaxing music, or anything else that puts your mind at ease to accomplish the task of producing great content.

Also, stick to the idea of creative writing. As each and every idea flows from your mind, be sure to write them all down. Doing so will ensure that you will not forget any idea, thus creating a shortcut to possible future topics. Creative writing also frees your mind of the constraints of authoritativeness and allows the writing process to be open, unique, and even fun.

As you gain clarity and learn how to write comfortably, you will strengthen your writing abilities and become an accomplished student of the trade. Keeping these tips and your own personally developed concepts in mind will help create great work ethic, as well as illustrate how great of a writer you are. Good luck in your journey to discover who you truly are outside of a world full of distractions!