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Entreprenuer Education

Written by Krista Johnson -- March 26th, 2008 in Marketing

“Entrepreneurism is creativity applied to the field of business.”

This particular quote never leaves my mind. It was stated on the MetroStew blog titled Business Philosophy: Can Entrepreneurism Be Taught? The reason it sticks with me is because I love the arts and believe so much in creativity, that it is genius to relate it to business.

As aspiring online marketers search through the millions of pages on the internet, more than likely they face multiple frustrations. In regards to future business ventures, discouragement, angst, and doubt are all possible emotions felt by prospective entrepreneurs. However, there are also many positive emotions that surround entrepreneurs, because if there wasn’t, they would find themselves in a continual downward spiral.

Entrepreneurs exude confidence, dedication, and devotion when first starting out and maintain that enthusiasm throughout. Even though it can be scary and nerve-racking being in charge of your own business. You have to worry about your investors, keeping profits up, and getting payroll done on time in order to pay your employees. One way to stay positive, and to not go in a downward spiral, is to tell give yourself positive reinforcement. “[R]esearch supports the fact that entrepreneurs are stubbornly optimistic.” In order to do so, tell yourself, “I am going to be the best”, “I am going to be successful”, “If I stutter or fall, I will get back up and try harder each time”, and “I will not fail, I will get to the top and if I need to change anything along the way to achieve that, I will.”

Based on these facts and my opinion, it doesn’t really matter whether or not someone has formal education supporting their endeavors. I believe if you have enough faith and conviction, you can do anything you set your mind too.


Overcoming Obstacles

Written by Krista Johnson -- March 24th, 2008 in Copywriting

How many times have you found yourself stumped and stuck standing still when attempting to write? Sure, we’ve all been there. But what can we do to surpass this obstacle?

One idea you might consider is to research different ways to conquer this battle. Surf online, go to bookstores, or travel to your local library in search of content to help you over the writers’ block hurdle. Once you’ve found a strategy that looks appealing to your needs, give it a try and see where your writing goes. If this particular strategy doesn’t work, seek a new option and test-drive that one to see if it’s the right match.

Another approach might be to locate and contact a professional for their advice. Try to schedule an interview, either face-to-face or over the phone, to ask questions that pertain to your objective of writing with more ease. See what their advice and words of wisdom are and put those concepts into your struggle with writing.

A third concept you might chose would be to attend a class, convention, or workshop regarding your writing inquiries. At such an event, there will be plenty of well educated persons to help assist you. You might also receive advice to get your writing headed in the right direction. Take notes and if neccessary, buy certain products that you understand, as it will assist with your objective.

So, when and if you find you’ve completely lost yourself within the maze of writing, be sure to employ each and every imaginable technique in order to ensure your success as a writer.


Ads: Everywhere We Are

Written by Krista Johnson -- March 19th, 2008 in Marketing

Have you ever noticed how advertising is everywhere in life? If you haven’t, take the time to look around and realize all the different ways in which marketing and advertising are entwined into our lives.

There are many ways in which ads apply to our daily lives. Some of these ways include signs, images, mottos, and brand names. When we take time to notice all these clues in our everyday lives, we can come up with quite a list of ads that surround us.

When we use the restroom, bright colors on the toilet paper packaging show the brand name on the outside. Which in turn, attracts our eyes in an attempt to create consumer loyalty.

Another marketing scheme we might observe is while we drive. As we drive, we see buildings that have sales promotions in their windows. We can count numerous billboards along the road, each having slogans and advertisements promoting gas stations, fast food joints, restaurants, hotels, automotive dealerships, retail stores, etc. Such products and services as these, can also be advertised to consumers through radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

As is life, marketing ads are also on the go. Take the cell phone for example. Our phones can fit in our pocket, so it is always accessible for whatever use we need. Backgrounds and screen savers can advertise for phone companies, as well as sister companies, offering their products and/or services to consumers. We are able to send and receive email messages through our cell phones, thus allowing spam ads or sales promotions to filter through. We also have the ability to communicate with others through text and instant messaging. And finally, cell phones provide internet access, which clearly has an infinite number of advertisements produced in every possible way.

Even during times of leisure, we are yet bombarded with more marketing ploys. When we go to the movies, there are commercials and previews advertising products and upcoming films to viewers. When we watch television, there are products, services, promotions, and commercials that all offer their discounts and assistance to consumers. Even when we go to sporting events, the scoreboards and the announcers advertise their sponsors and related products to fans.

As we journey through life, we should try to keep a balanced mind pertaining to the overflow of ads presented to us everyday. So, beware…they’re everywhere!!


Focus on ‘How to Not’ do Something

Written by Krista Johnson -- March 17th, 2008 in Marketing

What if bigger isn’t always better? What if gaining doesn’t always equate money?

Well, I believe that when trying to gain or better anything if life, you must pay attention to more than just the positives. In saying so, I find it imperative to look at the negative aspects of individual concepts equally as much as you do with positive aspects.

For example, whether marketing to a niche audience, or to an entire market, ask yourself questions of how a certain strategy does not work. Ask if all the factors of the pitch are relative to the product or service. Ask if your campaign is pushing too hard through bias. Ask yourself what isn’t functioning in a positive manner like you had planned it to. And ask yourself if your overall attempt is just too pressuring towards your market to gain their loyalty.

These questions form thoughts and focus on what you are really aiming for. Based on your answers to these negative inquiries, find appropriate solutions, while still maintaining a level head. Don’t try so hard to please everybody by following every rule in the book. Instead, concentrate your practices on making your approach more user-friendly.

Collectively, don’t worry so much about how to do the right thing, or how to present your product or service perfectly; rather, change your direction and base your future marketing decisions on what not to do.


Building Blocks of Success

Written by Krista Johnson -- March 12th, 2008 in Copywriting

When sitting down to produce any great work, there are basic concepts to keep in mind. Even though your intentions are good and your efforts are genuine, you still must look out for small errors and follow simple standards.

The first rule in which I follow, is to know what you want to say and how to say it. Once you’ve decided what idea you wish to convey, set forth to do just that. Hatch out all the steps and details it will take to reach your goal, maintain the confidence needed to do so, and start building your masterpiece.

Secondly, I find the rule of simplicity works wonders. Some writers struggle with having a wide range of vocabulary, while others have an expansive list of words. Writers who have a hard time with word choice and selection tend to overshoot their point by dressing up their words. If you find that you are one of these writers, stray away from fancy connotations and stick to simple terms that will clearly express your thoughts.

A third rule to experiment with is time management. Don’t panic when dealing with time and deadlines; instead, use that pressure to heighten your productivity of great content. When faced with constrictions on any level, it tends to free your mind of its insecurities and run wild with expression. Often, it is at times like this that a writer’s most creative and powerful ideas are crafted.

An ending note I like to leave readers with, is the notion that creation is never complete. Whether we are producing artwork, literature, electronics, etc., the spectrum of possibilities is endless. New rules are created every day, as old ones are also encompassed into today’s standards to assist with achieving success. So when venturing out on this journey, keep to these suggestions as to reward your triumphs.


The ABC’s of Marketing in Our World

Written by Krista Johnson -- March 7th, 2008 in Marketing

Living in an age of advertisement, we are perpetually disillusioned. The perfect life is spread before us every day, but it changes and withers at a touch.” J.B. Priestly

I find this powerful quote to be quite honest and forthcoming in regards to marketing and advertising on a daily basis. Whether we are consciously or unconsciously strolling through our day to day lives, marketing is constantly surrounding us with countless advertisements. The range in which we experience propaganda is endless, as it exists everywhere we as individuals do.

Although this may seem unrecognizable, it is quite true and reasonably plausible. Think about your diurnal routine. Next, list your whereabouts as well as the events you execute throughout the day. Now, recall how each activity and every entity you encountered had either an emblem, a label, a logo, or a symbol that represented a product or service.

There are many possible occurrences you engage with on a regular basis. Take for example, your cell phone. There are multiple ways in which media disperse their advertisements through cellular technology. Ads come in the form of text messages, telemarketers, spam emails, and the infinite internet websites.


Search Engine Optimization

Written by Krista Johnson -- March 4th, 2008 in SEO

CEO, CPA, SEO, SEM…Why are there so many abbreviated business ventures and what do they mean?

In today’s world of fast paced living and infinitely changing technology, it’s no wonder why people tend to get confused with trying to know all the ins and outs of the business world. Let’s take SEO for example. We will try to spread a little education through clear explanation, hoping to become one step closer to better understanding the rules of business.

To kick things off, let us first define what SEO stands for and represents. The letters SEO stand for the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization and represents the practice of improving your online business website. I personally like to define SEO as the combination of content rich with keywords along with business blogs. SEO allows you to use effective tools and techniques to draw consumers’ attention to your website. Practicing this approach will not only help your business improve, but will also cause your website to climb the charts in search engine rankings.

The way in which this practice works can be relatively simple; however, it can also be very time consuming and detail oriented. In order for SEO to work successfully for your business, the most important aspect is to have the presence of well thought out and considered keywords within your website. Some helpful tools to consider using to assist you on this venture include: AdWords, Google, and Overture. Also take into consideration that searches with dashes are the best, searches with underscores hold a close second, and searches with spaces are the worst. In taking from this information, try to stay away from negative approaches to SEO and stick with positive actions to better your business.

Another imperative concept to realize and employ is that of consistency and dedication. When you are attempting to gain wealth, which can include readership, back links, recognition, and/or money, you must be constantly updating your website. In order to be successful with all these updates you must produce useful blogs repetitively, providing feedback and support for your readers on a day to day basis.

You must also provide bold keywords recurrently. However, be very conscious of your use of key words throughout your website. If you aren’t using enough, your business will take a hit and lack the power to signify its importance. If you are using an abundant amount your business will surely be a good candidate in the keyword search engine election.

By following the preceding information and having passion, patience, and persistence, your attempts to prosper in the business world will be rewarded with success!!