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Grab and Keep Attention, Part II

Written by Krista Johnson -- July 24th, 2008 in Blogroll

Another great idea to experiment with is to formulate questions for your readers. The use of questions is a good way of getting the readerĂ¢??s train of thought moving towards the direction you’re going for. Try asking questions that open reader’s minds, questions that delve into their insecurities, and even questions that will allow their minds to paint a picture of the many possibilities you can provide them.

People are intrigued with questions. We find that we want to answer questions asked of us, we want to solve questions with solid solutions, and we want to learn more about the proposed question because we find them so irresistible to ignore.

Detail specific content is something else we humans long for. Generally, we fall asleep at the thought of boring clinical studies and textbook copy. But when faced with daily anecdotes that catch our attention, that is when we wake up and really start paying attention. Not to mention, details are what keep people yearning for more, and continue showing their interest in your product. You might also want to toy around with narrative and voice your pitch in a different voice then you usually would. Showing yourself in a different light really opens the door for countless possibilities.

So keep up at developing those unique techniques, and don’t be afraid to borrow a few from others as well!!

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