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Difficulties Facing Successful Writing

Written by Krista Johnson -- October 30th, 2007 in Copywriting

Can persuading your audience be as simple as non-bias vs bias?! Of course this is possible, but very tedious and detail oriented is the task.

In order to provide a persuasive piece of writing, one must focus on the hard facts. Given resourced and researched content, any writer can persuade an audience to one side of an issue or another. The problem that arises, however, is writing without bias. When trying to sway people, it is hard to not place your own thoughts and feelings into the piece. This is especially true when trying to liven a piece of writing, as to not read and appear so black and white.

One way to attempt to give life to a persuasive piece is humor. Look for humorous quotes or cartoons that are fact based to brighten your persuasion.

Another suggestion to consider is to be creative. Use poetry or other artistic ways to represent the facts as to cause your readers’ imaginations to lead them to their decision.

One last component to pay attention to are the different issues that arise when discussing debatable topics. Such topics that cause controversy include politics, religion, morals, ethics, and many others as well. In order to discuss any of these topics without forming bias, all subjects need to be presented with hard facts to prove their credibility.

Topics of persuasion and controversy tend to raise feelings and emotions in people, but as writers, we must sustain from placing our own views into the content.

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