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Generating New Ideas

Written by Krista Johnson -- October 5th, 2007 in Copywriting

Today as I was reading CopyBlogger, I ran across some interesting pointers in the article Steal This Copy: Finding Inspiration in the Work of Other Writers. The author, Ryan Imel, discussed the importance of opening up your creativity by experimenting outside of your box. He said that it is good practice to write from a different point of view, like an outsider looking in. I took this advice, put it into play and came up with an interesting, new, and unique thought process and writing strategy. It was a different experience, but one that I would suggest to get out of routine writing and generating new ideas.

Another good argument is stealing other’s content and/or their ideas. I find that when I am having writer’s block or am not able to generate any fresh ideas to get my thought process moving, I read other writers’ works. It is not plagiarism if you refer back to the original author if you are using their words, but also keep in mind, that you are able to take another’s idea and transform it into your own. For example, you see a recipe on a cooking show and decide to make it, but when you make it you alter the ingredients to make it your own creation.

I also find that writing fresh and lively content can come from music. The power of music and lyrics puts people’s minds at ease and relaxes senses. I find that I am able to better connect to my writing when music is playing, kind of an escape from the formal writing process. Thus, music is making writing a leisure activity rather then a chore.

I feel that in order to be a good content writer, you have to step outside of your mind and try new approaches. You could sit outside when writing, play with point of view and character voice, listen to music or watch a film to help boost your thoughts to think differently and create new and acceptable content. Whatever approach you decide to use, just get out there and write differently to keep your creative juices flowing!

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