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Penmenship and the Basics

Written by Krista Johnson -- July 8th, 2008 in Copywriting

What is a constructive way I can produce great content under these strict rules and still have the comfortability of writing with my own style?

As a blog writer, I would prefer not to feel so tied down by these guidelines. When forming my thoughts and penning out blogs, I tend to get caught up in the professionalism of the blogosphere and it’s rules. I find myself nitpicking my work until I’ve dumbed it down to satisfy the expectations. I also find that I struggle with producing great and magnetic content enough times a week to draw in my audience. By having all these worries regarding the expectations of what makes a good blog, I feel that my focus is not on the right element and that my mind isn’t fully contributing to my work.

Why are there so many tightly woven rules when it comes to freedom of speech and the expanse of creativity? I seem to ask myself this question quite often. When sitting down to write, no matter what topic I chose to write about, it seems that I am restricted to conformity. If I ever want to satisfy my audience and gain their readership, I have to abide by this set of standards. I just don’t understand why such strictness must be followed in order to be considered a “good” blogger.

So I ask you for your advice-how do I do both?

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