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Creating Convincing Content

Written by Krista Johnson -- July 30th, 2008 in Copywriting

Is bias versus non-bias as simple as persuading your audience?! Of course this is a possibility, but the assignment can be very detailed and technical.

In order to be a persuasive writer, make sure to provide plenty of proof, as well as solid facts to ensure your credibility. Persuasion can be as easy as presenting each side of an equation. However, a problem that might surface is when your argument is weighed by bias.

If you have ever been given an assignment to, or been in an argument where you have to prove your point, it is very difficult to present yourself without adding your own two cents. Adding your own opinions and voicing your personal feelings in any dispute is a prime example bias. Bias often occurs when a person ignores facts, or when a person refuses to belief anything other than themselves. Bias can even occur when somebody knows they’re wrong but continues to push the issue, just to prove their point.

Here are a few strategies to try when writing persuasively:

*    Provide a sense of humor

*    Use creative writing

*    Animate your copy

*    Play around narration

*    and even attempt to push your audience to exude further contribution to the controversy.

These suggestions might come in handy when trying to produce a reputable persuasive piece of writing. However, if you do not find that you are successful with these strategies, try approaching the task with other options and see if you can’t come up with a better solution.

3 Responses to “Creating Convincing Content”

So true. Upon remembering that old saying,”Opinions are like noses, everyone has one”, facts do have a strong message and carry a lot of weight in a persuasive piece of writing.

To add more to the above comment, opinions weigh less than facts in real critical thinking.

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