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Written by Krista Johnson -- June 24th, 2008 in Marketing

When initially starting to market, companies have to start small. First, they need to figure out the product, find a business partner not afraid to venture on the risky side, and market to their target audience. Once the specified group of consumers starts purchasing the product, a buzz effect erupts, causing other consumers to buy that product and populate the industry with that product. Consumers typically won’t purchase products from unestablished companies that only talk about their great features. Instead, consumers buy products that other consumers are buying.

One problem with marketing to the masses arises when companies think they can reach everyone through mainstream advertising. This presents a large mistake on behalf of the marketing team. Often, marketers will try to cut corners and save money by advertising to everyone with the same ad. What they don’t realize is that marketing varies across a wide spectrum of businesses and needs to be specified. Things to consider when advertising to specific groups of consumers include gender, age, race, and social class. Be sure to realize that there is a distinction between advertising towards pop culture and stereotyping in separating consumers.

What one marketer might consider off limits and offensive, might be a great pitch for another marketer. One game plan could potentially draw the target audience in closer for one marketer, but push the target audience of another marketer further away. Marketers can show they know who their audience is by researching their interests. When focusing on how diverse consumers are, marketers recognize the needs of individuals and strive to better provide for that group. Good marketers sponsor products that appeal to their target audience. They take interest in their consumers and show respect by advertising to their culture. In doing so, marketers form trusting bonds with their consumers all while not forming bias.

If a company wants to be the best company for a specific group of people, that company should advertise to that specific group. Directing your advertisements towards your target audience will illustrate your knowledge of how to gain customer loyalty. It also strengthens the fact that you recognize your audiences’ needs and dedicate your services to bringing them better awareness about the products and services you offer.

In the end, marketing really depends on who the product is directed at. The advertising of a product is also key. When a company combines these concepts, they begin to build they will be able to better understand the target audience, they can study the consumers in that area and begin to build their status up by acquiring the right consumers.

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Skills and Techniques

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